Friday, June 3, 2011

Make More Money with YOUR Avon Business: Fundraising Options

If you are like me - you are not a big fan of door knocking.  I am uncomfortable with the push of selling to polite people.  Or perhaps my innate Canadian breeding has put me in such a position to be wary of offending anyone in their own home!

Here is an excellent way to go door to door as we AVON representatives are known for, and get the door open introduce yourself on behalf of a CAUSE!

We all have access to fundraising products and such and all the pertinent paperwork to assist community leagues, churches, schools etc to help with raing money for school equipment or books or other costs that are over and above their budget. 

Did you know YOU TOO can fundraise?  Raising your sales incredibly - and the best part? 

Getting OUT THERE! 

To knock upon a neighborhood door, with a choice of 4 items at a great price and the net proceeds got to a CAUSE!  You can contact the Diabetes Foundation, Autism, MADD, the choices are endless and choose one you would genuinely like to help or that touches your life in some way.  Ask them if you can make a donation and explain your fundraising effort.

You will have great bottom line sales, place yourself in a higher percentage with a higher products purchase, possibly tip you over the edge to STAR status or even President's Club!

You will also have made a great donation to a worthy cause.  Outstanding.

Lastly, you have left your name on that neighborhood as the Avon Rep (with a heart!) - and THATS the bottom line.

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