Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making More Money by Understanding your Market - AVON

Never Assume

a. Never assume any of the following:

1. The customer can't afford it.

2. The customer won't buy it.

3. The customer doesn't understand the product.

4. The customer won't buy more than one.

5. The customer won't price your competitors.

6. The customer won't like you.

b. On the other hand, don't assume the opposite is true either.

c. Have confidence in your product or service and the need it fills.

Take Little Bites

a. Eskimos eat whales, and tiny termites eat mighty houses the same way.... a bite at a time.

b. Starting a company or introducing a new product is a monumental task if you approach it as a done deal. General Motors didn't start at its present size, its doors opened on the first day of business with no customers just like yours.

c. Good management, a good product properly positioned, and a "never give up" attitude.

d. Even with small bites the meal may become more than you can swallow.

NOTE: In the September 1992, issue of Success magazine is the story of Herb Vest. He started a company that was against CPA regulations in every state. He financed his business with personal credit cards. At one time he was $400,000 in debt and had judgments filed against him. The bank repossessed his car. But he never gave up. "I always knew I'd succeed." he said. Nine years later 9 states had changed the rules and Vest is CEO of a $36 million company. This is the kind of determination, drive and attitude it takes to be successful...Do you have that kind of determination, drive and attitude?

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