Sunday, May 22, 2011

Your Sales Flyer....making it work.

Making MORE money with your Avon Home Business requires you DO more.  Simply dropping books and waiting is clearly going to get discouraging.  You need to swarm your targeted areas, Avon is very well known on its own but YOU aren't.  Half the job is done, you need to step up on your end of the deal.

Repetition is key.  You never just see a commercial on the telly ONCE.  You are bombarded, often times to the point where as you know the script and can sing the jingle, right?

Keep the messsage SIMPLE, succint.  And change up your flyer and your hit list.  But repetition is key.  (namely; AVON - and YOUR PARTICULARS) Research shows that a message must be repeated to be remembered.  Don't try to produce ads that win awards, produce ads that sell.

Using the flyer method assures you of keeping your costs to a minimum as opposed to just dropping books. 
Make the effort to put a super priced product - just one - on your flyer.  Each batch of flyers, a different super sale priced item.  But consistantcy, and repeptition - its more than okay to hit the same neigborhood. In fact its crucial. 

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