Saturday, May 21, 2011

persistance, diligence, perseverance, tenacious, commitment, and....dedication.

1. Flyers - hit your target neighborhoods HARD with your flyer. (employ nieces or nephews and pay them off with cones and a trip to the park)

2. Raffle/Draw Baskets at: hair salons - nail salons - gyms - daycares - florists - Event Wear stores - Welcome Wagon - Senior Center reception desk, etc You can get the 5 for 14.99 Nautrals kit and with your discount it wont be such an expense - the contacts you will get via the draw will be well worth it. Wrap it in clear cello from the dollar store (1$ a roll) and curly ribbon the enclosure.

3. Bulletin Board your Flyer & business cards at every grocery in your targeted area. Every Senior Apt Bdlg, Every Community Hall, etc.

4. Pass out your flyer at Farmer's Markets (there is one every day of the week all over town!) keep some books in your purse in case they ask right off!

5. Parks & Playground: Bring books, flyers, samples and a bottle of KID'S sunscreen and some dixie cups! Approach ALL the moms n dads with your book and offer a squirt of the sunscreen for the kiddies!

6. When you buy the Journal, Globe & Mail, Sun; keep the box open to slip a flyer in every paper left in the box!!!!!

7. Stand at the EXIT of the LRT station in your area and pass a flyet to everyone that HAS to walk past you to get out! Wear Your Avon Gear and a smile!

8. Windshield flyer every car in the 'park n ride' at the LRT station!

9. Keep renewing your kijiji ads with a new product on sale out of the current campaign - create a sense of urgency by placing a deadline to that sale price! Change it up and do it often.

10. You need to get the word out there YOU are selling Avon - more books, more flyers and more WILL get what you PUT INTO it. Meaning if you do nothing you will get exactly that!

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